Jay Weiner Andover grew up in Massachusetts

Posted by Admin / October 18th, 2012

The sales and marketing industries are where Jay Weiner Andover cut his teeth. He is so familiar with those industries because he worked in the trenches and on the leadership end of the spectrum for over thirty years. Over the last three decades he has been able to prove his business acumen in these industries and to put on display his leadership skills.

Jay Weiner Andover’s experience and business acumen ought to qualify him for a high level position at a company in one of those industries. He believes his accumulated knowledge and experience with the industries will help him to attain a job like this.

Jay Weiner Andover grew up in Massachusetts, in North Andover specifically. He is, of course, a product of the environment in which he was raised. He also has his high quality education to thank for his success. He does so willingly, recognizing that this means that some of his success belongs to his family, educators, and community, too. Jay Weiner Andover has been President of a number of financial companies, too. This means he knows what it takes in order to run a financial firm successfully. He has a mind for business that he hopes to soon bring to another company in order to help them to succeed.

Jay Weiner is a marketing and sales professional

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There are many businessmen looking for work right now, but few are as accomplished as Jay Weiner. He is a sales and marketing professional who has over thirty years of experience. He has also labored in the financial industry, creating a number of companies for which he served as President. These companies went on to become quite successful. The North Andover, Massachusetts—raised entrepreneur firmly believes that his past experience in the business world will help him to get a new, high level, position at a financial firm. Jay Weiner is eager to work hard and help to build or grow a new company.

Jay S. Weiner has Received a Great Deal

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Over the course of his career, Jay S. Weiner has received a great deal of specialized training. Whether this came from industry-wide organizations or specific companies he was working for, Jay S. Weiner has gone through all kinds of courses, lectures, and seminars regarding the various issues surrounding RESPA compliance, small commercial real estate loans, closing, origination, processing, funding residential first mortgage loans, HELOCs, regulatory oversight requirements, and secondary market investing.

This is not the only education Jay S. Weiner has received. Far from it, in fact. He received his Masters degree in Business Administration from Northeastern University. He also got his Bachelors of Arts degree from Case Western Reserve University.

Jay S. Weiner Lives in North Andover

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Jay S. Weiner has over thirty years of experience with the marketing and sales industries. Weiner has been able to collect a good deal of knowledge about those industries. Jay S. Weiner is now a senior marketing and sales professional. Experience is the most valuable asset a professional can have on their side in the marketing and sales industries. Nothing teaches a professional the ins and outs of an industry more easily than experience in the field. Over the last three decades, Jay S. Weiner has become an expert in the running and funding of financial mortgage organizations.

Jay S. Weiner lives in North Andover, Massachusetts, and wants to be able to leverage his considerable experience and knowledge about the marketing and sales industries into a high level position at a company or the opportunity to build his own organization. Jay S. Weiner’s strength is running and funding companies, so it’s not a surprise that he once again wants to get involved in that field.

Jay. S. Weiner credits his education with much of his success. However, after receiving his education, he began work in 1982 as a Branch manager for the Northeastern Mortgage Company. For eight years he worked in this position, managing three branches. He then went to Main Street Mortgage Company Inc. in North Andover, Massachusetts, in 1990, where he was a partner and loan officer. In 1993 he became the CEO of Olde Town Mortgage Company Inc., which had just one member at the time, but grew to a high of $550 million in closed loan production per year.

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